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Laboratory and Field Instruments

Thanks to various sources of funding since 2016 LÉÉ has been able to acquire various instruments and equipment that help achieve some of the research projects listed in the Projects Page. The following list is not comprehensive, but provides a good overview of those available :

LÉÉ Wet Laboratory (Campus MIL B-6362)

  • Beckman Coulter – MS4e Coulter Counter
  • Fisher Scientific Drying Oven
  • Fume hoods equipped with gas supply and vacuum extraction line
  • Precision Microbalance
  • Access to RotoTap sieve set in negative pressure room (B-6366)

LÉÉ Wind Tunnel (Campus MIL B-6359)

  • Recirculating sediment transport capable wind tunnel
  • Working section of over 8 m, with a cross section of 0.76 m high, and 0.92 m wide
  • False floor at end of working section (1.78 m × 0.6 m) for installations
  • General anemometry (pitot tube/pressure transducers/force balance) for flow profiles
  • Dantec 2-D dual laser LDA 3-D traversing system for sediment and air flow

LÉÉ Field Equipment

  • 10m dust flux towers (3 replicates)
    • 10 m aluminum towers
    • FAI high frequency PM10 OPC samplers
    • ARA NFRM Minivol filter sampler with Real-Time Particle and Wind Sensors
    • NRG Class 1 Anemometers (6) and NRG Wind Vane (1)
    • Campbell Scientific CSAT-3B Sonic Anemometer
    • CR3000 Datalogger
    • CS215 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
    • CS616 soil moisture (2)
    • T109 Soil temperature (2)
    • Vaisala Barometer
    • Sensit piezoelectric Sensor
    • Hanby Dust Deposition Traps (3)
  • 2m time-lapse mini-met towers (4 replicates)
    • Davis Instruments 2 m tripod tower
    • RM Young Prop Anemometer
    • CS215 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
    • CR850/CR1000 Datalogger
    • Hanby Dust Deposition Traps (2)
    • Custom time-lapse cameras from Canon T2i dSLR and 24mm lens
    • Vaisala Barometer
    • Purple Air OPC sensor
  • Campbell Scientific Time-lapse Camera (CC5MPXWD)
  • CNR4 Net Radiometer
  • Quantum PAR Radiometer (3)
  • Cimel Electronique Sun-Moon Photometer (Polarized; 318T)
  • AERONET – AEROCAN agreement for Cimel Photometer install at Kluane Lake
  • 2015 Ford F-150 Crewcab 4×4 with 7×12 dual axle enclosed trailer