Listed are job and student opportunities within or coordinated with LÉÉ and will be updated not often enough so be sure to check the deadlines on the individual documents.


1 Position (Post-doc or Research Scholar) starting immediately on climate model analyses for improving pollution impacts

The candidate will focus on an aspect of the project on trends and patterns of historical and future wind climatology and cloud cover for the region of the Quebec province in Canada. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research on topics such as direct and indirect climate-pollution interactions as well as the analyses of high-resolution climate model output. The project is part of a larger study to understand the impacts of climate change on air quality in Quebec funded by the MELCC. (More details and application instructions)

1 Position (PhD or MSc) available starting September on modelling loess deposition in Western Europe :

PhD/MSc position will use high-resolution climate simulations to create detailed, dynamic spatial models of the dust emission frequency and magnitude calibrated with loess deposition records (More details and application instructions)

Version française : 1 poste de PhD/MSc utilisera des simulations climatiques à haute résolution pour créer des modèles spatiaux dynamiques détaillés de la fréquence et de l’ampleur des émissions de poussières, calibrés avec des enregistrements des dépôts de lœss (Plus de détails et instructions d’application)

Instructions on how to apply can be found here / Les instructions sur la manière de postuler peuvent être trouvées ici :

Doctorat ou Maîtrise/Masters in Geography at Université de Montréal